Bitcoin, maxi-scam in South Africa: $ 2.3 billion stolen from investors

The one that took place in South Africa is likely to go down in history as the biggest scam ever on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Two brothers, owners of the investment platform Africrypt , disappeared from their clients’ accounts 69,000 BTC , equal to a value – at current prices – of 2.3 billion dollars .
A special unit of the South African police, the Hawks, has already been pre-alerted, but for now the two swindlers are untraceable.

Bitcoin, $ 2.3 billion maxi-scam in South Africa
The first signs, reveals the law firm Hanekom Attorneys, which represents the clients of the fraudulent investment platform, would have already emerged last April, or at the height of the bul run that had led Bitcoin to cross the threshold of 60,000 dollars . One of the two brothers, Ameer Caje , informed his customers that the exchange had suffered a cyber attack by some hackers.

At the same time, however, Caje had asked them not to report the fact to the authorities and not to contact their lawyers , asserting that any involvement of third parties would slow down the recovery process of cryptocurrencies. This had made some customers suspicious, but by then the funds had already disappeared from the wallets, unknown destination .

In South Africa the former Mirror Trading
The scam, however, is not unique to the South African crypto-industry. Last year, in fact, the platform Mirror Trading International had become the protagonist of a scam of 1.2 billion dollars , as were the 23,000 Bitcoin held in the wallets of scammed customers. But the problem, now as then, is that the South Africa Finance Sector Conduct Authority – although it has taken an interest in both cases – cannot properly initiate an investigation, as cryptocurrencies are not considered by national law as financial products .