The 10 most important cryptocurrencies (besides Bitcoin)

What are the top ten cryptocurrencies , besides Bitcoin ?

This is a question that allows us to test the health of virtual currencies and retrace twelve months of unstoppable rally : cryptocurrencies, in fact, have so far been largely rewarded by the growing confidence of investors on a progressive decentralization of the monetary system, and Bitcoin, which now has a market cap of 862 billion dollars, capitalized in the best possible way on the market’s favor.

But behind the BTC there is much more. More precisely, a large array of crypto, known as Altcoin . Of these, some are emerging, others already widely used to purchase goods or services: below is a list of the most important in terms of market capitalization.

1. Ethereum

Immediately behind Bitcoin we find Ethereum , the native currency of the homonymous decentralized platform created by Russian programmer Vitalik Buterin. So far, the pace of Ethereum has been even more decisive than that of BTC, although the price is significantly lower – 1,460 dollars , against the 45,769 of Bitcoin – and thus, consequently, also the market. cap , at $ 167 billion .

In addition to the bullish factors common to all virtual currencies, the update of the platform to which it is anchored, now known as Ethereum 2.0 , favored the rally of the cryptocurrency. thanks to the transition to proof-of-stake, an upgrade that will ensure greater security and speed for the network.

2. Binance Coin

In second place Binance Coin , the cryptocurrency that serves as the payment method for trading on the Binance Exchange. The platform is now at the top in terms of managed trading volumes, and was created – as well as the asset – by Chanpeng Zhao.

The cryptocurrency is trading at 225 dollars , a sharp increase compared to the values ​​of a month ago, 41 dollars, for a positive percentage change of 448%, well beyond the growth rate of the first two cryptocurrencies for market cap, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Market capitalization, on the other hand, stands at $ 34.9 billion .

3. Tether

On the step of honor of the podium Tether , one of the first stablecoins on the market. Tether, in fact, is pegged to the US dollar, in order to contain the volatility that causes – from the very beginning – abrupt fluctuations in crypto prices.

Launched in 2014 with the intention of “ facilitating the use of fiat currencies in digital mode “, as stated by the top management of the platform, the virtual currency has a quotation of 1 dollar and a market capitalization of 34.8 billion .

4. Cardano

In fourth place Cardano , a cryptocurrency managed by a platform of the same name and created in 2015 by a pool of mathematicians, engineers and cryptographic experts. Behind the Cardano project also Charles Hoskison, one of the five programmers who gave life to the first Altcoin for market cap, Ethereum.

Referred to as the “Ethereum killer”, due to its better blockchain, Cardano is in some ways still an embryonic project. Currently, the cryptocurrency has a value of $ 1.09 and a market capitalization of $ 33.9 billion .

5. Polkadot

In fifth place is the virtual currency Polkadot . Created by Gavin Wood, another founder and CTO of the decentralized Ethereum platform, the cryptocurrency is aimed at ensuring interoperability between different blockchains.

The currency, known as DOT on the market, is a new entry and is currently trading at $ 30 , a sharp rise from its early price, and has a [ 19459002] market capitalization of 29 billion .

6. Litecoin

Litecoin , a cryptocurrency created in 2011, wins sixth place with a market cap of 11.3 billion dollars and a current price of 170 dollars. Again, this is a significantly higher price than one year ago, which certifies a positive percentage change of 178%.

7. Chainlink

Behind Litecoin we find Chainlink , the cryptocurrency managed by the homonymous decentralized network which acts as a bridge between smart contracts – such as those present in Ethereum – and external data.

Developed by programmers Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis, the currency has entered a phase of price discovery thanks to rumors that Grayscale is ready to launch a fund based on Link, the market name of the crypto. Chainlink, at the time of writing, has a market capitalization of $ 10.3 billion , and is trading at $ 25 .

8. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin returns to eighth place, but in other guises. The Bitcoin Cash is, as the reference website explains, “ peer-to-peer electronic money for the internet “. In short, it is a fork of BTC , that is a currency born from internal disagreements between miners, developers and investors on Bitcoin protocols, and completely unties its operations from central banks and from the trust of institutional investors .

In short, a derivative of Bitcoin, which according to the founders follows more closely the guidelines dictated by Satoshi Nakamoto, the mastermind behind the BTC project. Currently, Bitcoin Cash is trading at $ 481 , and has a market cap of 8.9 billion .

9. Stellar

Near the Fund Stellar , a blockchain network created by a former Ripple member, Jed McCaleb, which is responsible for ensuring a connection between financial institutions to complete high-volume transactions.

The network operates a cryptocurrency known on the market as Lumens, now trading at $ 0.38 – below the historical highs reached on January 1, 2018, in full speculative bubble, 0, $ 53 – and has a market capitalization of 8.6 billion .

10. Monero

In last place Monero , a secure, private and untraceable cryptocurrency. Launched in April 2014, the currency has attracted great interest from the very beginning. The development of the asset is guaranteed by community donations, and the focus has always been on decentralization and scalability .

Thanks to the anonymity of cryptocurrencies, thousands of political dissidents over the years have been able to circumvent the grip of the regimes, but – at the same time – criminal networks have found fertile ground for their illicit transactions. At the time of writing the currency is trading at $ 204 , for a market cap of 3.6 billion .

The quotations of cryptocurrencies reported are updated as of 02/26/2021, 3 pm.