The cryptocurrency of the moment? It is not Bitcoin, but Binance Coin: + 451% in one month

While the Bitcoin flounders, Binance Coin takes the stage: in the last month the cryptocurrency created by Chanpeng Zhao recorded an increase of 451% , going from a price of 41.7 dollars to the current one of 230 dollars.

The change of pace of the virtual currency, known on the market as BNB, certifies the overtaking on Chainlink , Stellar , Bitcoin Cash , Polkadot, Cardano and Litecoin among the highest market capitalization Altcoins, now in second place with $ 34.9 billion .

Binance Coin, a record step: + 451% in one month

To make a comparison, the increase on a monthly basis in the price of Bitcoin was 43.5% , from $ 32,616 on January 26 to 46,830 today, and even more contained was the step of Ethereum , formerly Altcoin in terms of market cap, now at $ 1,512 after a mini jump of 10.5% .

Sure, it was hot weeks for BTC and, cascading, for the other Altcoins: first a shower of endorsements, since Tesla’s investment of 1.5 billion dollars [ 19459003] to the increasingly marked opening of the large international banks and digital payment giants, then the picks from Janet Yellen and Elon Musk, who made the crypto slip below the $ 50,000 threshold, and finally the assist by Square – another 170 million dollars on BTC, and a temporary rebound – and one final thud, which translates into the current price of 46,830 dollars.

Even Binance Coin, after all, suffered the backlash : the unfavorable wind blowing on the planet BTC forced the crypto to retrace in the last week, recording a -9.5% which marks the transition from $ 254.4 seven days ago to today’s price of $ 230. A false step, but the substance does not change: the rise of 451% in the last month certifies the amazing state of health of the crypto, and ensures the second position among the Altcoins, behind only Ethereum.

An increase of 1,100% in one year

The counter-proof, moreover, lies in the pace of the cryptocurrency of the last year. The increase examined so far is in fact part of a particularly favorable framework for the crypto, which only twelve months ago was trading at $ 19.1, for a percentage change year on year of 1,100% .

An impressive trend, considering that at the beginning 1 BNB was worth 0.00001 BTC . After all, Chanpeng Zhao, CEO of the Binance Exchange platform to which the crypto is anchored, was clear: “ This has always been our goal, to grow a little faster than Bitcoin “. Mission accomplished